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How to Work with a Voiceover Artist

So, you’ve been tasked with finding a voiceover artist to record the script for your company’s explainer video. This is not something you have ever done and it’s easy to panic. Don’t worry, there are plenty of options out there…

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Get Organised: From a Declutterer

Being organised is key to a clear mind and productive workflow. A messy desk (for me) is an extra stress I don’t need. Sure, sometimes things need to get messed up in the process of creativity. However, being able to return everything to its set place…

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The Value of Voiceover in Business

When I meet new people and they ask what I do, the usual response is: ‘I’ve never met a voiceover artist’. Yet being in the voiceover world, it feels like there are so many of us. A lot of people think that voiceover is just TV and radio…

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My Website Design Refresh

I finally have a new site, with website design and brand by the wonderful Helen Bee at B Double E, and I am ridiculously happy with it. I couldn’t not have a call with Helen, after she was recommended by so many people on a…

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It’s a Marathon

A few years ago I went to a two-hour workshop organised by the Actors’ Guild, hosted by Guy Michaels of Voiceover Kickstart. He asked us to reel off some non-acting jobs we all did but hated, they included: telemarketing, flyering, holding up signs etc…

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