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terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the booking of my voiceover services.

Voiceover artist: “me” or “I” (Sophie Dean)

Company/client/licence holder: “you”

I reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on this website immediately. Please check the latest information posted herein to inform yourself of any changes.



By engaging in a booking with me, you agree to these terms, unless otherwise stated in writing by email communication.

You engage me to commence with the booking/voiceover recording specified in the quotation/email communication with the terms defined here. The fee has been based on the script provided – if a different script is provided after the booking agreement, I reserve the right to provide a revised fee/agreement.



If a usage fee for the project is needed (which I will inform you of), the below terms will apply. Usually applicable to commercial work/paid advertising but not always exclusively.

I do not assign complete rights to the voiceover recording to you/your client – the recording is licensed to you for a set period of time, as agreed upon by email communication/contract (if applicable). If additional usage is required, this should be covered by a separate usage document.

The voiceover recording will only be used for the intended purpose stated via email communication, contract or quotation (if applicable).

If the usage terms are breached and the project is used on non-agreed platforms, then I reserve the right to charge an additional usage payment for that particular platform/s backdated to the start of the breach. Plus, an administration fee of £75.



Any voiceover recordings provided by me may not be used to create an artificial intelligence (AI) voice model of any type, now or in the future, on any platforms or devices known or not known.



You will pay the agreed fee on presentation of a valid invoice from me via email or other media, which will be payable within thirty (30) calendar days, unless agreed otherwise in writing.

If the project has a high fee and/or you are a new client and/or you have previously paid late, I reserve the right to charge 50-100% of the payment (for the first or subsequent bookings) upfront.


late payments

Interest will be charged on late payments (after 30 calendar days or after an agreed period) at a rate of 8% of the late amount, plus the Bank of England base rate according to government guidelines:

An administration fee of £40 will be added to all late payments.



The voiceover recording may be edited, modified, added to, or deleted from, but the resultant audio will be licenced within the same scope as defined in the quotation/usage agreement/email communication (if applicable).



You warrant that nothing in the script is obscene, libellous, blasphemous or infringes any performers right and performer’s property right, any moral right, any right of copyright, right of privacy, right of publicity or any other right whatsoever of any third party.



You will endeavour to provide me with correct pronunciations more than one hour prior to the planned session commencement.


deleting files

Files will be deleted one year after a project is completed.


turnaround time

My standard turnaround time is between 24-48 hours (project depending). If you need the project completed in less time, there may be an additional charge.



Please be advised that if the project is large and recording is required over several days, my voice may sound slightly different day to day. I will endeavour to stop recording at appropriate sections in the script each day.



It is your responsibility to check the voiceover recording and notify me of any problems within 7 working days. If there are problems with the audio which are my error, I will correct these free of charge.

If a custom sample was not approved, I will agree to a single re-record, if:

  • The script is unchanged.
  • Pronunciations are consistent with that indicated by you prior to booking.
  • I am notified within 7 working days of the initial recording.

If a sample was approved. Changes may be charged accordingly, dependant on the project.

If there are script changes made by you after the project has been delivered, then an additional fee will apply, unless otherwise agreed by me to waiver this.


booking cancellations

Once a booking has been agreed (whether verbally, via email/message or after a quotation has been sent), the fee will become payable, whether or not the voiceover recording is still required, in order to cover expenses and loss of work associated with the project.

  • A cancellation within 48 hours of the agreed recording date will incur a charge of up to 25% of the agreed fee.
  • A cancellation within 24 hours of the agreed recording date will incur a charge of up to 100% of the agreed fee.

If I cancel a booking, the agreement will become void and a new agreement needs to be re-approved to cover the amended session.


right to charge

If the audio is no longer needed after I have recorded and sent the files to you, payment will still be due in full.

If the usage for the project changes after I have sent the files to you, the fee from the original quotation/email communication, will be due in full. If further usage is required, you should inform me, and we will discuss a further usage fee.


governing law

The governing law of this agreement is English law, and the parties submit to non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.