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It’s a Marathon

marathon runner on the road

A few years ago I went to a two-hour workshop organised by the Actors’ Guild, hosted by Guy Michaels of Voiceover Kickstart. He asked us to reel off some non-acting jobs we all did but hated, they included: telemarketing, flyering, holding up signs etc. His response was, why? Just do voiceover! And I thought to myself, is it that simple? 

marathon runner on road

The answer is yes and no, in that it is completely possible to be a full-time voiceover artist, working from home to supplement your (often) lower paid acting work. However, as I have heard many times before and it’s true, building a voiceover career is a marathon and not a sprint. I can get on board with this analogy when it comes to voiceover, but not actually running. It takes time to learn the craft, build your home studio, make connections with clients, and ultimately work steadily. The one time I tried going for a run using the Couch to 5K app, which starts you off slowly with shorter runs and then you build up, my left knee was not having it. I managed about 7 minutes before I had to go home and ice it for a few days! I still want to be a person that loves running, maybe one day!

Getting into voiceover has been a great learning curve for me, who once thought I wasn’t “techy’’. The truth is, you don’t have to be, you just need to be proficient at using your own set up and software to nail consistent sound quality with every project. There are tons of YouTube tutorials and online courses to help you learn the craft, you just need to put time and effort in.

I am really enjoying this marathon that I am running, continuing to build my client base and make my sound even better. Here’s to many more voiceovers to come, and maybe the odd run from time to time!

Feature image by Capstone Events on Unsplash
Photo by Isaac Wendland on Unsplash