Build a Fort

In light of recent events around the world, a lot of us are or are soon to be staying at home for the foreseeable future. For voiceover artists, this isn’t so much of a hit, as we are used to working alone, literally in isolated booths. As an introvert, I have mastered the art of spending time alone and not being bored. You might have to get creative and inventive to think of ways to keep sane and entertained, now that theatres, pubs, restaurants, and cinemas are all slowly shutting their doors.

I have made a list of fun things you can do at home to feel creatively fulfilled, that won’t break the bank.


I have always collected bits and pieces from everywhere I travel to and I recently started a travel scrapbook. Using Pinterest for inspiration, I try to make every page different and colourful. Scrapbooking doesn’t have to be expensive either, I use maps, pretty tissue boxes and ribbons you find in t-shirts to decorate my book. It takes a good deal of time to get it all together, but couldn’t be more fun and is a lovely memento to look back on in years to come. Reminisce about past adventures and look forward to new ones, once we aren’t all grounded. 

Cross Stitch

I rediscovered the love of cross stitch I had as a child, it’s a time consuming but satisfying craft. Last year everyone had a cross-stitched present from me!


Card making, sewing, fabric printing. All things it is easy to do at home with either scraps or limited materials.

Reading and Audiobooks

Get lost in a world that is unlike our own at the moment. Or even listen to an audiobook and imagine the friendly voiceover artist in their home studio bringing the stories to life.  

Upcycle Furniture 

My partner and I got into upcycling when we moved in together and didn’t have a lot of money to buy new furniture. He really got the bug, has just made some bedside tables from scratch, and painted them to match our wardrobe.

Build a Fort

If all else fails, go back to your childhood, and build a fort with duvets and blankets. Shut out the outside world even more, play games, listen to music, or do a puzzle.

Feature image by The New York Public Library on Unsplash
Other images by Sophie Dean

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